t-rac attack!

I was casually reading about the [Inés] Sainz vs. NY Jets exhibition game when this video link caught my attention.

t-rac hungry!

I might not be able to embed the video here on fantasticdrivel, but click the photo above to view it on MJD’s “shutdown corner” blog.

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update: I have since visited the shutdown corner blog and it appears the nfl has removed the video! Thank goodness for youtube. Who knows, the nfl might have it yanked from youtube as well, but until then, here’s the video:

* * *

This is not something you see every day—although I suppose it could happen on any given sunday. Like fellow blogger MJD, my first thought (after sincere concern for the cheerleader’s well-being, of course) was “what the hell kind of mascot is that??” It looks like a dirty pacman-raccoon hybrid. Is this supposed to be a “Titan?”

In Greek mythology, of course, the Titans were a race of powerful gods that were deposed by team Zeus in an epic coup d’état known as the Titanomachy.

In Tennessee, however, they have chosen to represent the “Titans” using the official state animal: the raccoon. The Titans’ mascot is a raccoon named T-Rac. He was run over by the team bus. (Obviously, he survived.) You can read more of his life story on T-Rac’s bio page on the Titans’ website.

There is a lot more I could (and would like to) say . . . but if this post gets any longer I’ll have to take the panties off. I will toss in, however, this closing graphic as a suggestion to the Tennessee Titans organisation:

with apologies to ayn rand

After all, Atlas was a Titan.


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