the liga weekly, 05.10

the liga guadalupe

No massive post this week. Just the numbers for the FAABulous prize$ for week 10.

Oh: and a little graphic near the end. I think it’s worth scrolling down for.

streakers and money

Four teams are still streaking strong. Two are just getting things going with a three-streak. Four teams tied their shoes in the nude (a one-streak). And two teams defiantly started just nine players. Even though there were no byes in week 10. Weird.

Streaker bonuses follow the Fibonacci sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 … In weeks with no byes, this Fibonacci streaker bonus (F) is simply added to the weekly reward.

As always, the weekly reward (R) is $11.

week 10 (no nfl byes)
team streak total
albino rhinos ($11) ($11)
bullmeisters 10 $34 $11 $45
bust a move 3 $1 $11 $12
Cerebrium 1 $0 $11 $11
Elvis Ate America 1 $0 $11 $11
marcella 1 $0 $11 $11
mothers of grendel (MOG) 10 $34 $11 $45
3 $1 $11 $12
the crab traps 10 $34 $11 $45
the number crunchers ($11) ($11)
the spir-tual pimps 10 $34 $11 $45
these go to 11 1 $0 $11 $11
    the pot (total): ($22)

other business

The Best-of-the-Worst award in Week 10: once again, it was Bust a Move (305.05 FP). I haven’t cross-checked everyone’s scores this year, but generally speaking, if you can score 300 points, you’re going to win the matchup. Elvis had a phenomenal week, however, posting week 10’s high score, 306.93 FP.

Ashley will receive the usual $13 award AND “the pot.” In this case, the pot is $22, so the total award amount is $35. I know; underwhelming. For what it’s worth, King Leonidas feels your pain.


This leaves FIVE Lucky SOBs: Mothers of Grendel (283.85 FP), Bullmeisters (278.47 FP), Parole Models (269.96 FP), Marcella (254.32), and Albino Rhinos (230.50 FP). Think about it this way: five Lucky SOBs out of six winning teams means Bust a Move would have beaten ANY other team in the Liga in Week 10, except for Elvis Ate America. Each of us Lucky SOBs will receive one lucky dollar.


Hopefully next week I’ll have another post with some substance.

Good luck to y’all!


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