the liga weekly, vol. 4 no. 9

the liga guadalupe

The good news (for me): Graphics are finally done for all 11 teams!

The bad news (for me): the MOG is probably out of the playoff picture.


Ah, well. Without further delay: FAABulous prize$ for the Liga in week 9.

A proud few teams extended their long streaks of goodbyes in week 9. Although the first week of a streak is worth $0 bonus, the second and third weeks are worth $1 bonus, the fourth week is worth $2, the fifth week is worth $3, and the sixth week is worth $5! This Fibonacci streaker bonus (F) becomes part of the multiplier and is added to the $13 base amount.

With 6 teams on bye this week, the goodbye bonus award (A) is:

6 × ($13 + F)

As always, the weekly reward (R) is $11.

week 9 (6 nfl byes)
team streak total
albino rhinos 1 $0 $78 $11 $89
bullmeisters 6 $5 $108 $11 $119
bust a move 1 $0 $78 $11 $89
marcella ($78) ($11) ($89)
mothers of grendel (MOG) 1 $0 $78 $11 $89
pandemonium ($78) ($11) ($89)
tequila whistlers ($78) ($11) ($89)
the crab traps 1 $0 $78 $11 $89
the number crunchers ($78) ($11) ($89)
the seaward ($78) ($11) ($89)
the spir-tual pimps 6 $5 $108 $11 $119
these go to 11 6 $5 $108 $11 $119
      the pot (total): ($445)

other business

The Best-of-the-Worst award in Week 9: The Crab Traps (127.33 FP). While the Tequila Whistlers finished week 9 with a loss and a higher score (137.77 FP), the Whistlers did not start a full roster. The situation doesn’t come up all that often (since starting a less-than-full roster usually doesn’t result in a high score), but a full roster has always been a requirement for the Best-of-the-Worst Award. Therefore, the week 9 award passes to The Crab Traps, who will receive the usual $13 award AND “the pot.” In this case, the pot is $445, so the total award amount is $458.

This leaves three Lucky SOBs: The Spir’tual Pimps (111.22 FP), The Seaward (107.78 FP), and Marcella (100.36 FP). As always, these Lucky SOBs each get $1.

I’ll try to get week 10 results up earlier—but I will have the adjustments made by Tuesday night at the latest. That means y’all still have time to bid with your new money before waivers kick over Wednesday morning.

Good luck to y’all!


2 thoughts on “the liga weekly, vol. 4 no. 9

  1. The Albinos Rhinos logo is so appropriate. It accurately reflects what the rest of the league sees as they try to keep up . . . my Rhino Ass. How’s the view, Prof?

    • While that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I designed your logo, I must say it turned out to be my favourite.

      I was thinking more of the view behind your offensive line. Offensive: definitely.
      Classy: unfortunately yes.

      I’ll take credit for the classiness. It seems I’m a much better graphic designer than fantasy football manager . . .

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