police crackdown on looters

No Littering Loitering Looting Alllowed #fantasticdrivel

BROCKLEE — Local police have stepped up their efforts to prevent looting on the streets of Brocklee. Thanks to additional patrols and zero-tolerance enforcement, the Brocklee Police Department has issued over 30 looting citations in the past two weeks. Fines for looting range from a minimum of $150 all the way up to $1,500, based on an individual’s past record and the severity of the offense.

This development follows the implementation of Brocklee’s new “superecycling” program, known for its slogan “Think green. Think BIG.” The city signed an exclusive contract with BIG following the dissolution of Brocklee’s former waste-management partner, Wastes of the West. Part of the new contract involved the passage of several city ordinances, including the so-called “Clean & Safe” ordinance being used in the looting crackdown.

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city unveils new “superecycling” initiatives

think green - think BIG #fantasticdrivel

Brocklee has always been on the cutting edge of environmentally-friendly planning and programs. The city has reached a new contract agreement with waste management conglomerate “BIG” following their acquisition of the now defunct “Wastes of the West.”

“I’m very pleased with the arrangement,” the Mayor said Tuesday. “I know there was a lot of frustration with the limited recycling programs offered by Wastes of the West. With BIG we have the opportunity not only to catch up with the times, we can be seen as a model for cities of the future. That’s what Superecycling is all about.”

Superecycling involves elements of regular trash pickup, recycling, upcycling, composting, and charitable donations of used goods. BIG has chosen Brocklee businessman Mark Zeiger (and his agency, iSoar Advertising) as its Brocklee Public Relations representative. The following is Zeiger’s simple graphic explaining superecycling, and an open letter to the people of Brocklee.

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the hunt for pink october – hall of fame repost

I figured I’d better get this hall of fame repost up before October has come and gone. It’s one of my favorite pieces of drivel to ever disgrace the blogosphere. Be sure to read the disclaimer first, lest ye be offended. Unless ye be offended by the disclaimer…in which case this might not be the right blog for you.

I will add that I have not seen the pink pumpkins in the last two years (incredibly, that sentence is devoid of euphemism). Judging by their website, the group is still around—and growing much more attractive pumpkins these days. But I didn’t encounter them at the grocery store this October.

Also, the hulu video I had embedded in the original post has been taken down. It’s actually quite difficult to find some of these Celebrity Jeopardy! episodes online. I tracked down another version that (for now) seems to be working. It’s still a classic, and still worth watching if you can.

OK, enough preramble. On to the drivel. Enjoy.


originally posted november 14, 2012
The Hunt for Pink October

Join the hunt.
Buy something pink.


If you’ve read fantasticdrivel at all (or even just perused the tag cloud), you’re probably well aware of my fondness for breasts. I think they’re great. Moreover, I really like women. Especially strong-willed, capable, intelligent women—like Lady Liberte, the unofficial mascot of fantasticdrivel.com. Therefore, I have no problem with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: a month devoted to saving women and their breasts by raising awareness about breast cancer.

I’ll also add that, as a graphic designer and an advocate for a public awareness cause (Adams Place), I’m beyond impressed by what the Susan G. Komen Foundation et al have been able to accomplish in terms of branding (i.e. the pink ribbon).

I do feel, however, that sometimes companies go a little too far in trying to get a piece of the Pink October pie. I’m not talking about pinkwashing (yes, it’s a word; read more about it on wikipedia); I’ll give these folks the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are dedicated to the cause and not their own profit. Just because it’s for a good cause, that doesn’t make it a good idea. I think you’ll see what I mean by the time we get to pink pumpkins (below).

October is the pinkest month of the year, and it seems to be pinker each time it rolls around.

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vaya con dios, my beloved liga

the liga guadalupe

I began this missal last year but held off in case I decided to change my mind. But I’m making it official and posting my farewell to the Liga (for now…).

the guadysburg address

a tribute to the liga guadalupe

For scores in the low 300s, seven years ago our Mothers (of Grendel) brought forth on these interwebs, a new fantasy football league, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all teams should have an opportunity to win every week…

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