vaya con dios, my beloved liga

the liga guadalupe

I began this missal last year but held off in case I decided to change my mind. But I’m making it official and posting my farewell to the Liga (for now…).

the guadysburg address

a tribute to the liga guadalupe

For scores in the low 300s, seven years ago our Mothers (of Grendel) brought forth on these interwebs, a new fantasy football league, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all teams should have an opportunity to win every week…

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the liga weekly, vol. 5 no. 5

the liga guadalupe

The good news for you streakers: week 5 is the first big payoff week for y’all!

I don’t have graphics for all the new team names yet, but I’m working on it.

Without further delay: FAABulous prize$ for the Liga in week 5.

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still looking at you, kid

the liga guadalupe

This is a reworked version of last year’s post about the goodbye bonus awards and the fibonacci streaker bonus. Everything should be updated to reflect the Liga 2011.

Goodbyes are never easy.

That truism extends to the realm of fantasy football. Weeks 5-11 of the NFL season pepper fantasy rosters with frustrating “byes,” leaving fantasy managers with holes to fill on an almost weekly basis. Nowhere is the sting of a bye week more sharply felt than in the Liga Guadalupe. With only one bench spot to stash that star player on a bye week, we are often left with an agonising choice: (1) drop some bigger-name players on their bye week and hope to pick them up again off waivers or (2) start a less-than-full roster.

To help counter the temptation to stockpile talent through bye weeks, I began offering huge [FAAB] cash prizes to teams who started a full roster. The rewards got even richer for those who kept a full-roster streak going. It was a beautifully complicated system, but ultimately wasn’t enough incentive for a few managers. With the new scoring system in 2011, empty roster spots will put teams at a serious disadvantage. Nevertheless, I decided to up the stakes again for the goodbye bonus awards.

Here’s how it works . . .

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the sandbox paladins

the liga guadalupe

the liga retrospective: 2010 (pt. 4)

Part 3 of the retrospective introduced you to the Tlachiqueros: one of the most prestigious ranking systems in all of fantasy football. Again, congrats to the Tequila Whistlers for securing the title of Top Tlachiquero of 2010.

I now present to you the Sandbox Paladins—another ranking system that is, I believe, completely unique . . . albeit somewhat less prestigious in implication.

I’ll do my best to keep it succinct.

official flag of the sandbox paladins

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