beyond cavemen, pt. 2 (chaser)

[If you haven’t read part 1 of beyond cavemen I highly recommend you do so first.]

Today I received another update on insurance legislation and tits effect on me, a 27 year old male.

Insurance Laws 4

more gooDD news

Our advertiser seems to have figured out how to toggle off the CAPS LOCK, and has stopped pulling photos from the horriffic-car-crash repository my driver’s ed teacher seemed to love so much.  While it’s risky to mention boring stuff like legal matters in the heading of an ad targeted at 27 year old males, the advertiser has decided to live dangerously. Hopefully he’s insured.

A careful observer will note that, since the last ad I received, rates have ballooned from $1.21/day to $1.63/day.  Perhaps that’s what this girl is demonstrating for us, using her figure . . . well, figuratively.

Drinking BirdOr maybe she is simply afflicted with a low-cut dress and a bad back. The low-cut dress is readily apparent, and the bad back would explain her poor posture (she is, after all, leaning forward like one of those drinking bird thingees).

Or maybe she is the legislator responsible for the new insurance laws; greeted by her cheering constituents, representative T. McGee was simply taking a humble bow when this photograph was taken.

Hard to say, really.  Very hard.  But maybe that’s what this advertiser had in mind.

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