beyond cavemen

When it comes to car insurance ads, I have to hand it to the advertising people at Geico.  I can repeat their catch-phrase from memory (“Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance”).  If you show me a talking gecko, a moron made up like a caveman, or a stack of money with googley-eyes, I think of Geico.  I think the gecko is kind of cute.  I think the cavemen are stupid beyond all belief.  And I’m irritated by the creepy, unwavering stare of “the money [I] could be saving with Geico.”  It’s like a Sesame Street version of the Eye of Sauron, whose lidless, fiery gaze scoured the face of Middle Earth.  The black tower of Barad-dûr was a bit more sinister than Geico’s stack of $5 bills; but, to be fair, Peter Jackson had a bigger budget.  I think.

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