where has all the drivel gone?

Fear not, my friends; the drivel has not run dry.

It’s flow, however, has temporarily abated.

2010 was a great year for fantasticdrivel.com, and 2011 will be even better. I know the fantasy football season was probably a bit tiresome for some of y’all. Believe me, it was tiresome for the pathetic Mothers of Grendel as well. If you haven’t, I do encourage you to check out the Liga retrospective posts—particularly the tlachiqueros and the sandbox paladins. I feel that those two posts are among the finest drivel to ever [dis]grace the blogosphere.

Bond 23. James Bond 23.

Like James Bond, fantastic drivel WILL return. Unlike James Bond, fantastic drivel should be returning sometime in March 2011. You’ll have to wait until November 2012 for Bond 23.

I know some folks thought the Quantum of Solace title was a little too sophisticated, but personally I think “Bond 23” is something of an overcorrection.

I am currently working on finishing a book. That’s right. A book. Although it’s not in any way like the stuff I share with y’all on fantasticdrivel.com, I’m pretty excited about it. Maybe I’ll post more about it later. For now, however, it’s that book that is receiving all the time and energy with which I would otherwise drivel.

I’ll keep you posted.