zw2.03: reign czech

Intrepid journalist Hank Talbot continues his exposé of the disturbing political agenda behind the zoo world facebook propaganda blitz.

It is time to begin connecting the dots. I will begin with the humble piece of playground equipment colloquially known as the “merry-go-round,” which belongs properly to the class of apparati known as “carousels.” Although the earliest known depiction of a carousel, a Byzantine bas-relief (relieved some 1500 years ago), features guys hanging out in baskets, the carousel is historically equine in composition. According to legend, European crusaders brought the idea back home in the twelfth-century after witnessing the cavalry training and combat exercises of Turkish and Arabian horsemen. By the 1600s the French had refined the crude battle game into an opulent “horse ballet,” something like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade travelling in a big circle. Except without the Macy’s part. Or the Thanksgiving part.

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