snooker, cough drops, and the death of Prometheus

HELLO my name is snooker #fantasticdrivel
This chapter will likely be cut from the novel. This is despite the fact that it is about 85% strict autobiography. Or maybe it’s because of that fact (ie the details of my real life are less interesting than the fiction I’m crafting for the rest of the book). Anyway, this is the first part of the certain-to-be-cut chapter, and it tells the story of my first (and thankfully, only) speed dating misadventure.

I hope you enjoy.

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zw2.05: reign czech

Intrepid journalist Hank Talbot continues his exposé of the disturbing political agenda behind the zoo world facebook propaganda blitz.

A simpleton might jump to the conclusion that the ferris wheel represents American democracy or some such nonsense. This notion, perhaps fueled by the presence of “George Washington” in the name of the wheel’s inventor (George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr.), is lacking a larger historical perspective. Identifying the wheel with capitalism is similarly small-minded. The fact that Ferris’s Chicago Wheel made a good deal of money only serves to underscore the magnitude of the thievery of the Columbian Exposition’s planners, who absconded with the profits and left poor Ferris . . . well, poor.

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