hang in there, flapjacks

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the liga retrospective: 2010 (pt. 2)

“Hang in there, Flapjacks.”

If you are one of the two or three people who read the Liga Weekly back in 2007, you surely remember that phrase. In that inagural year, this plain-text publication was all about awards, commentary, and prognostication. I would begin with the last-place team and work my way up through the then-14-team Liga. I usually ran out of space after the first couple of teams, so the higher-ranked teams rarely got much more than a passing mention. But the 2007 Delicious Flapjacks, the losingest team in Liga history, were always the first team I wrote about.

the delicious flapjacks of the 2007 liga

(Technically, the 2010 Pandemonium is now tied with the 2007 Flapjacks for the dubious honour of “losingest team in Liga history.” Each team finished 1-12. The Flapjacks, however, lost to MORE teams, by virtue of playing in a 14-team Liga. And I like the Flapjacks better. So the tie goes to the 2007 Flapjacks; they are the losingest team in Liga history.)

hang in there

As a centerpiece of Liga lore, it only seems appropriate that the Flapjacks be memorialised as part of an award. To wit, I’ve decided to include flapjacks in the graphic for the Best of the Worst Award.

This part of the Liga Retrospective celebrates those Delicious Flapjacks with selections from volume 1 of the Liga Weekly.

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