wrongway corrigan

july 17: wrongway chipotle pumpkin soup #fantasticdrivel

Wednesday is my night to cook dinner. But it is also a weekly opportunity for me to share some fantastic drivel—things you didn’t care you didn’t know—with you, dear reader.

July 17, 2013 presented some special challenges. In addition to my usual research about the date (learning about July 17 in history and around the world), I had some special limitations imposed on my choice of recipe:

  • we were on a fambly camping trip, meaning my “kitchen” consisted of a can opener, a cutting board, and a camping stove
  • my sister is allergic to gluten, meaning she basically can’t eat anything


Before I could worry about the recipe, though, I had to research July 17. And that’s how I learned about Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan…

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