I have quite a backlog to blog. I thought I’d at least post it all to give me a list to chip away at.

I pin photos of my Wednesday culinary creations to my Pinterest board, Another Wednesday Dinner. All of the following meals are on Pinterest; they may (or may not) make it onto in the future.

ketchup dinners
date   event dinner
Nov 26 1842 University of Notre Dame is founded Notre Dame Tailgate Chili, Irish Soda Bread, Orange Bowls
Dec 3 1854 Eureka Rebellion pomegranate pavlova and vegemite toast, served “stockade style” after the Eureka Stockade
Dec 10 Alfred Nobel Day dynamite Swedish pancakes
Dec 17 1903 First flight made by Wright brothers popcorn pork, deviled eggs
1938 Otto Hahn discovers nuclear fission deviled eggs, edamame
Dec 25   Pomegranate Mint Christmas Pavlova
Dec 31 Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve in Scotland) Ashet Pie (steak pie)
Jan 8 some Korean guy’s birthday Korean Saewoo Bokkeumbap (shrimp fried rice)
Jan 15 1919 The Great Boston Molasses Tragedy Chipotle Mustard Molasses BBQ Chicken
Jan 21 New England-Style Clam Chowder Day Denver-Style Clam Chowder (it’s orange!)
Jan 29 1845 Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” first published Edgar Allan Po’ Boy sandwiches, Black Ravens for dessert
Feb 5 1985 “Official” end of the Third Punic War Punic Porridge, Pomegranates (aka Carthaginian Apples)
Feb 12 1809 Charles Darwin (Darwin Day) Potato Rissoles, based on Mrs. Charles Darwin’s recipe for “Potatoe Ripoles”
Feb 19 1473 Copernicus, Polish Astronomer Kielbasa and Cabbage
Mint Chocolate Day dark chocolate brownie with mint, toasted hazelnuts, and copernicus glaze (blackstrap, hazelnut, and mint)
Feb 26 1932 Johnny Cash, the Man in Black Johnny Cash Chili
Mar 05 Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day), Observed Pancakes
Mar 12 1889 Vaslav Nijinsky, Russian Ballet Dancer and Choreographer Apple Cranberry Gingersnap Blini
Mar 18 1915 Gallipoli Memorial Day (Turkey; the Ottoman Naval Victory in WWI) Yurmurtali Ispanak
Mar 26 1931 Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock Vulcan Plomeek Soup
1812 political cartoon in the Boston Gazette coins the term “gerrymander” Boston Brown Bread