pinups, prohibition, and the greatest discovery of the 1920s

Dita Von Teese

the scandalous Dita Von Teese
from pinups

pinup girls on Pinterest

let’s get low-brow

I actually have a very well-curated Pinterest board devoted to pinup girls. Not surprisingly, the title of the board is pinups. I know, it’s not very creative. But it’s all lowercase so that makes it cool. Currently the board has 331 pins, and I’ve #hashtagged most of them with the artist’s name; sometimes the title and year, as well.

Since my pins come through on the facebook news feed, I occasionally get “likes” or comments about a pin that catches someone’s eye. A couple of folks expressed some surprise at the scandalous pin of Dita Von Teese (at right). I believe the exact words used were something to the effect of “I didn’t see THAT coming.” A sentiment promptly seconded by another friend.

I’ll admit: the photo of Dita with riding crop is a bit risque. In the larger context of my pinups board, however, I think it’s not too far off the beaten path.

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