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Today, while tending to my beloved Liga Guadalupe, this bit of breaking NFL news caught my eye.

Frankly, it’s no surprise. When Eli Manning’s wife joined the Black Bears’ group last month, it was only a matter of time before Peyton’s wife, Ashley, went public with her own ursine affiliation.

Vegas oddsmakers seemed to think Ashley might go with the Pandas’ group, no doubt due to the universal appeal of the panda. Those oddsmakers, however, probably missed my panda post from the Zoo World series. In Zoo World 3.09: Pulchritudinous Pandas I discuss how inconvenient and EXPENSIVE it is to own lease a panda. Yes, Peyton has a nice new contract in Denver, but choosing the pandas would have been, shall we say, fiscally irresponsible.

Eli Abby and Blackey Manning

Eli, Abby, and Blackey Manning

Peyton Ashley and Grizz Manning

Peyton, Ashley, and Grizz Manning