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Nov 05 Apple Pear Pork Flambe for Guy Fawkes Day #fantasticdrivel

Wednesday Tuesday is my night to cook dinner. But it is also a weekly opportunity for me to share some fantastic drivel—things you didn’t care you didn’t know—with you, dear reader.

FYI: I used to make dinner on Wednesday nights but, for scheduling reasons, had to switch to Tuesdays. I already had my Pinterest board, Another Wednesday Dinner, and I’ve grown rather fond of the title. “Another Wednesday or Tuesday Dinner” doesn’t really do it for me. And at this point I have more Wednesdays under my belt than Tuesdays, so “Another Tuesday Dinner” seems somewhat disingenuous. I guess it’s also disingenuous to keep calling them “Wednesday” dinners when I know they are on Tuesdays, but at least I have tradition to back me up. Sorry; this FYI is becoming TMI.

November 05 is Guy Fawkes Day. It is also known as Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night, Fireworks Night, and (in some times and places) Pope Day. The holiday is always celebrated with fire, so some kind of flambé seemed like a good choice.

I went with this one: Apple Pear Pork Loin Chops, although I like Apple Pear Pork Flambé as a title. If you are a first-time flambéer, I highly recommend reading these Flambé Cooking Tips first.

That’s all the cooking stuff…but at this point you are probably asking:

what is guy fawkes day?

Bard Ylvisaker (of Ylvis): "What is Guy Fawkes Day?" #fantasticdrivel #ylvis #guyfawkesday #thefox

Thank you for asking, Bård. (Bård Ylvisåker of Ylvis)

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