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John Milton

My last post provided some history and insight regarding the perennial plight of the churchgoing child in the summertime: Vacation Bible School. I remember complaining about losing a week of my summer to VBS, but it was not until recently that I gained a little perspective on the issue. I never had to suffer like the poor children of Hopedale, Illinois, in 1894. On the other hand, I was never treated to the kind of fun, fancy, professionally-produced VBS experience enjoyed by kids in 2011. To learn more about both ends of this spectrum, check out my last post.

This series will address the wildly popular 2011 VBS kit “Pandamania.”


Before we go there, we need to cover a bit of history. That history starts with John Milton.

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shotgun approach: the tiki farmer and the dreamin’ demon should be friends

Most of the time, a single facebook ad catches my attention as potentially fantastic drivel.  Sometimes, multiple ads for the same thing provide the requisite irony (cf carrot and stick: paranormal).  But here, it’s the juxtaposition that is truly fantastic.  These two ads appeared as you see them now, one atop the other; a monument to the laser-precision of targeted advertising in the 21st century.

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