zw2.04: reign czech

Intrepid journalist Hank Talbot continues his exposé of the disturbing political agenda behind the zoo world facebook propaganda blitz.

The ambiguity of the term “merry-go-round” makes it difficult to pin down an exact symbolism intended by the propagandist—which is, without a doubt, exactly what he (or she) intended! Recall the discussion from reign czech, pt. 2, where we examined the brilliant use of the rhetorical question in this zoo world ad. If we are unable to determine exactly what type of device is meant by “merry-go-round,” a degree of uncertainty attaches itself to the term in our subconscious. We are uncertain, meaning we do not fully understand what is intended by the ad’s author. Recall the great axiom of tolerance: “we fear what we do not understand.” If we do not understand the exact meaning of the term, we therefore fear the term. And fear, my friend, is the most powerful weapon in the propagandist’s arsenal.

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