Igor’s favorite foods

The answer monkeys have struck again.

Today, while trying to learn Igor Stravinsky’s favorite foods, I again clicked over to My experience there last week should have prepared me for the kind of “relevant answers” I might encounter (see last week’s post). I am more confident than ever that dactylographic [i.e. “typewriting”] monkeys are behind these so-called “relevant answers.”

random ass answers to Igor Stravinsky question

What did Igor Stravinsky like to eat? This answer sheds little light on the subject.

In case that image didn’t load, here’s the transcript:

What kind of foods did Igor Stravinsky like to eat

Relevant answers:

What kind of food they like to eat?

they eat tacos and they put different kinds of stuff on it they have different taste then us

What kind of food does a hores like to eat?

most likely hay

I am again reminded of one of my favorite posts, the second part of Zoo World 3, where I worked out the deeper meaning behind a strip-club review by a reviewer known only as “dan.” I might attempt something similar with these relevant answers, but for now, you can enjoy dan’s work here.