vaya con dios, my beloved liga

the liga guadalupe

I began this missal last year but held off in case I decided to change my mind. But I’m making it official and posting my farewell to the Liga (for now…).

the guadysburg address

a tribute to the liga guadalupe

For scores in the low 300s, seven years ago our Mothers (of Grendel) brought forth on these interwebs, a new fantasy football league, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all teams should have an opportunity to win every week…

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the sandbox paladins

the liga guadalupe

the liga retrospective: 2010 (pt. 4)

Part 3 of the retrospective introduced you to the Tlachiqueros: one of the most prestigious ranking systems in all of fantasy football. Again, congrats to the Tequila Whistlers for securing the title of Top Tlachiquero of 2010.

I now present to you the Sandbox Paladins—another ranking system that is, I believe, completely unique . . . albeit somewhat less prestigious in implication.

I’ll do my best to keep it succinct.

official flag of the sandbox paladins

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